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Want access to a collections of all the best resources that a NWM’er would ever need.

From gaining clarity, Goal setting knowing your game plan, attracting new customers to managing, retaining and growing and amazing NWM team. Knowing that they all have the same amazing systems to duplicate and grow exponentially.


Magnetic Momentum

ideal 4 week Fast Track to Business Momentum.

Build killer clarity so you can create the kind of intentional growth you truly desire — narrow down your Ideal Customer Avatar, stand out from the crowd with memorable branding, and learn how to harness the power of your mindset.

This is for you if you want all the secrets of attraction, branding, creating marketing systems and support. Plan to have your ideal clients messages in your inbox and are clamouring to say yes to you.

Genius LAB

12 week Intensive One on One Strategy Implementation.

GeniusLAB is for you if you are READY to be given all of the secrets, systems, and support to skyrocket your business and elevate your results! Fast!

Business Strategy Coaching to clarify your market, products, branding coupled with implementation of tech inc funnels, 5 day challenges, Social Planning & online products to get you a very clear game plan to achieve your goals.

Vision of Freedom

We only focus on systems that create time freedom in you and your teams business. We all know that we build our NWM businesses to leave a legacy to our families and residual income that reoccurs for life….. however our reality is that we are left managing large number of teams with no systems, automation and that we know we need.


We have made it our mission to  create those systems, teach you how to create automation for you and your team in one easy place. Join us and see how the top income earners do it.

Online Training Portal

All of the resources that we create are available for you 24/7 to access forever.

It is ALWAYS Growing & driven by the requests of what our GeniusLOUNGE members need.

Full access to the vault of resources with more being added every month.

Leadership training and Hot seat interviews with TOP NWMer’s.

Canva & OPT in Templates for ebooks, Resource Guides, FREEbies, worksheets and social templates everything to make your life easier.

Ready to use planner templates for all the systems you need for maximum growth.

Something missing? …. No prob….as a member you get to suggest and vote on what we create next.


 Magnetic Momentum and Genius Lounge provide you with all the systems and trainings so that you can create clarity, attraction and automation in your business.

Vision and Goal Setting that will set you apart from the crowd.

Customer Avatar Clarity to know how to call in you ideal client.

Branding and Customer Journey mapping with Canva templates to make your own.

Mindset training that will get you calling in your clients, squishing y your limitations and pushing through your earning ceiling.

Planner Boards and processes will give you a foolproof step-by-step system to call in your ideal customers, clients, and business partners.


We know what it is like to have a plan and never get the time to make it happen.

Are you Sick of knowing you have a bigger plan but don’t know where to start?

Want to start getting stuff done in your business and not sure where to start.

Want to up level your income and start making the $$$ you know you can.

Know you need HELP to play a bigger game!

We have a Genius team of business strategists, branding experts, mindset expanders and virtual assistants waiting to help you.

Done for you… so you can stay in your genius zone.

Who NEEDS NWM Genius?

Want to know if this is for you? Well if you fit any of the below profiles you know that we have what you need….. You are in the right place…

Just Starting out and want the easY path

You get the vision of what your NWM business can do however you just want to take the most direct path from A to B.

Set things up right from the START, use systems that you can duplicate and automate your success.

Find a collective community that supports you to be your best version.

You've been play the game following your leader and it is just not working for you

Don’t give up, we have everything you need to fast track your success, start attracting your team, grow your business with our plug and play systems that we have used to create our own path.

Want use the exact systems successful NWM use?

You have MADE IT, however you now have a large team AND need the lifestyle that your started this business for

Ok so you have made it and ranked high up in your business however your now busier than ever and want to create systems and automation that will enable you to scale without selling your soul in the process

  • Ready to use systems 90% 90%
  • Training to fast Track Success 95% 95%
  • Plan and know your vision 90% 90%
  • Community of winners 80% 80%
  • StRategy & one on one 60% 60%

Meet the Genius Behind this

It takes a village to create a program like this one. Jo and Roechelle have been in business and NWM for years and managed huge teams and together they have put together all the pieces that gave that edge and lead to their success…. Quite the pair!!

Genius 1

Jo Mould

Success and Business Coach, and Lifestyle Advocate.

With nearly two decades of professional experience in senior executive roles in the corporate world, I was stressed and unhappy. 

I had a dream and a crystal clear vision of the life I wanted to create for myself.


I wake up each day with a thriving passion to teach, motivate and inspire all those around me daily that when you truly believe in yourself, your path and your vision, everything in life becomes possible.

Genius 2 (yes, we had to flip a coin lol)

Roechelle Williams

Automation and Tech Genius, and Online Business Strategist.

With over 20 years experience of running businesses, Bricks and Mortar to online I wanted to create the passive income dream.  

I did not want to have children that I had no time for and time frames that where ruled by others ……most importantly I wanted to help other business owners find this life balance.

How does this happen? Can you really?

My solution was to find ways to create digital product and online automation that gave you your life back.

I now get to spend each day helping other businesses create multiple automated passive income streams sharing what the know and love with their perfect customers…. it is easy!

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